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How to become a model (in an online world)  

There was a time when being discovered as a model meant lining up at audition after audition waiting for your big break. Now, with the web playing host to modeling agencies, model talent searches and online modeling communities, and professional photographers it has become much easier for models to promote themselves and book more modeling work. Here are few things every model should know about getting online and getting discovered!

Promoting yourself online

When it comes to taking the reins of your modeling career and promoting yourself to the world, there’s really no greater tool than the web. Model-slash-everything types such as Tila Tequila have used MySpace, FaceBook and other social networking sites to create a buzz about themselves in the online world. And aspiring models can do the same just as effectively. Post your information on top social networking sites. Get your head shots in there and include your resume and all the information you can about what makes you special (and what makes you unique). Take it even further. Start a blog about your modeling experiences. Build a CompCard and Profile on coachmodels.com. It’s all a part of a new kind of self-promotion. Why wait to be discovered when you can do it yourself? Sit down and spend an hour or two a day working it in front of your computer and before you know it, you’ll be a known commodity all over cyberspace (and more importantly, in the real world as well)!

Casting calls from the comfort of your own home

A wide variety of online modeling agencies now allow models to post their headshots and resumes online. Casting agents then simply visit the site, search for the type of model they need for the job and voila, a star is born! Aspiring models looking to increase auditions should plant their head shots firmly on several of these sites. For best results, spend some time on the major modeling sites such as onemodelplace.com or exploretalent.com. Pay special attention to the parts of the country best represented on each of the sites – and choose the ones that seem to service your area the best.

Getting perfect headshots

Before the advent of digital photography, headshots were the domain of only a select group of professionals with the proper lighting, shooting and developing equipment. And although working with a professional is still the preferred method of obtaining picture-perfect headshots, more and more aspiring models are turning to home digital photography for their most important calling card.

If you know someone who is a digital camera expert, have them take your headshots using a high-pixel camera. Then, remember to take more shots than you think you will need, so that you have plenty of choices when it comes down to selecting the perfect headshot. The beauty of using digital photos for your headshots is that you can take as many pictures as you want at no real additional cost.

If you choose to work with a professional photographer for your headshots, many modeling sites give you a chance to find top photographers in your area. The best thing about these listings is that they provide an opportunity to see the actual portfolios of professional photographers – and get a good feel if they are going to be a match for you.

Finally, with the tremendous number of opportunities for models online, come new opportunities for scam artists and potential predators as well. Much like in the off-line world, there’s safety in numbers. Check out comment boards and other sources to verify the credentials of any site (or individual) that offers services to help aspiring models.