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How to break in to Modeling via Reality TV  

With the recent Hollywood writers strike showing no signs of ending, orders for reality TV programming are higher than ever. That’s sure to signal the continued growth of one of the most popular reality genres, fashion modeling competitions.

Once a joke to many in the business, reality shows (those dealing with modeling or otherwise) have now become a very legitimate and serious method of gaining crucial exposure and entrance into the world of modeling.

Obviously, Tyra Banks currently rules the roost with her mainstay America’s Next Top Model, but other contenders such as America’s Most Smartest Model, an upcoming modeling series on Bravo, and others are popping up, giving the aspiring model additional opportunities to shine on the small screen.

And it’s worth noting that you don’t have to appear on a modeling/fashion reality show to raise your profile as a model. Beautiful men and women who have appeared on Survivor and The Real World have been able to wedge themselves into the industry thanks to the exposure they received on the shows.

When it comes to getting an audition for Reality TV, most people don’t know where to start. Here are some tips for finding and nailing that big spot.

Where to look

Check Craigslist

The mother of all sites (which features everything from a new house to vintage Ms. Pac Man machines available for sale) is also a hub of activity for reality TV. Producers posts ads in almost every major city looking for their next big stars.

Official Show Web Sites

Around the beginning of every season, a reality show will place audition information online for the next season. Check these sites often, as sometimes the window will close when applications get to be too heavy.

Watch the Show

Again, early in the season, many shows will show, on-screen, audition information for the next cycle. Keep an eagle-eye out for this information and jot it down!

Tips for being seen

This is going to sound like the biggest cliché in the world, but “BEING YOURSELF” is the key to success in the REALITY TV game. Look at it this way: how many tens of thousands of entry videos have the producers seen? Don’t you think that they can sniff out someone who is playing a part from a mile away? But if you’ve got natural charisma (and we know you do!) then your personality is going to shine through in your video.

Take a closer look at the shows you’re targeting

Perhaps you’ve begun to notice that shows look for types to fill certain roles within the cast (the shy one, the vixen, the religious one, etc.). We suggest that you study these roles to get an idea about the types of people that show likes to cast. HOWEVER, do not try and emulate these types in your video. You want to walk that fine line between understanding what the shows are looking for – but still bringing your unique personality to the table.

Follow directions to the letter

Every show has different rules and regulations for their applicants. Given the heavy volume of applications the producers will see, they are likely to throw out the ones that don’t conform in the name of time. If it says no more than two minutes long, be sure you’re in at 1:59. If it says do a song and dance, then get your favorite Broadway number ready!

Look your best

As an aspiring model, you know the importance of a STUNNING first impression. And your video needs to communicate that same WOW factor! Pick outfits, hair and makeup that really showcase the best in you. We’re walking that fine line again though – the one between trying too hard and letting your natural glamour shine through. If you are chosen for a modeling reality TV show, they are going to showcase you in all kinds of looks. Try and create a video that shows your versatility and you’ll have a leg up on the competition! Try quick shots of you in a bunch of cool, funky outfits and in different settings.