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Models do SO read – a guide to essential reading for models  

Joke if you like, but the well-read model is a successful model. Here are some absolute must-reads for anyone trying to move up in the business or aspiring models looking to gain a better, deeper understanding of their chosen career.

The Modeling Life (Donna Rubenstein)

The former editor of Seventeen offers real world advice that every aspiring model should absorb. From the day-to-day life of a model to getting started on a small budget, Ms. Rubenstein provides an insider’s look for those still on the outside. And if you doubt her pedigree, you might want to reconsider. Ms. Rubenstein has helped launch the careers of Tyra Banks, Kate Moss and Niki Taylor. Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women (Michael Gross) A historical look at the world of modeling – with every modeling scandal reported in vivid detail by the people who lived through them. OK, maybe not the best thing to bring in before your first shoot, but despite the catty nature of the book, there’s still plenty to entertain and horrify. Think of this book of scandals as a guide to what NOT to do with your career once you hit it big.

A Model’s Primer (Wilson and Edwards)

This is another great book for anyone looking to make it in the modeling industry, or rise to the next level in their modeling career. Written jointly by a top fashion photographer and former modeling agent, this book is like a step-by-step guide for getting your foot in the door at an agency. It also includes very helpful tips on how to avoid modeling scams that can derail your career before it even gets started.

The Wilhelmina Guide to Modeling (Natasha Esch)

Sometime it’s best to go right to the source for expert opinion. And who better to tell you how to break into the modeling game then Supermodel extraordinaire Natasha Esch. With an intelligent and surprisingly sensitive touch, Ms. Esch breaks it all down for the aspiring model with inspirational stories from the “inside”. A great mixture of memoir and useful advice.

How to Become a Successful Commercial Model: The Complete Modeling Handbook (Aaron Marcus)

This renowned commercial photographer provides a wealth of valuable information about how to make it in the competitive world of commercial modeling. The best thing about this book is that Mr. Marcus’ has taken the time to create a reference for ALL types of models. So if you’re not six-foot-two and rail thin, the author will still help guide you towards a successful career in print modeling. There something for almost everyone in this helpful book.

Vogue, W and Allure magazines

To stay on top of the modeling game, you’ve got to know what’s HOT. And these magazines are your pipeline to the newest looks and trends that agencies are booking. If you don’t already have them, then stock up! And if you’ve been buying them at the newsstand, then save yourself some serious money and subscribe. Added bonus: you’ll look great reading them poolside!;